About us

About us


NaturesBoost was founded by Natalie Barton in 2014.

The inspiration came as a direct result of Natalie wanting to improve her diet and boost her own immune system. She created the range of NaturesBoost vegetable based juices to meet this need and because she couldn't find anything similar in the sugary preservative loaded juices available.

The results were almost immediate and this led to requests from friends and colleagues which soon grew into the business we see today. From the start Natalie championed manufacture in small batches so that each one can be checked and tested individually. To this day every batch is taste tested before despatch to meet Natalie‚Äôs exacting standards.

This does lead to delays from order as nothing is stored on shelves awaiting orders. Every order is prepared and manufactured to the customer requirement. This is the only way we believe the true natural goodness in our product can be provided in every bottle.