3day Easy Detox

3day Easy Detox

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A regular Detox is essential to remove toxins, boost your immune system and clear your digestive system, 
whilst also giving it a healthy break from heavy foods in order to help prevent future digestive problems. 

Think of it as rinsing all the bad out before a new healthy kick start.      

Our 3day Easy Detox is created for those who still want to eat whilst having a detox. 
We recommend cutting meat out on these days and having 2 healthy meals of fish vegetable’s and salads. 
With snacks of nuts berries and seeds. 

This consists of a morning ‘Green Dream’ healthy vitamin drink and a nightly ‘Cleanse Supper’ drink to clear your system
after a healthy lunch and dinner. 

Making it an easy way to get your 7 a day, loose calories 
and cleanse and refresh your body, digestive system and skin.

Each Kit contains three 250ml bottles of amazing Green Dream vegetable Juice and three 250ml bottles of amazing Cleanse vegetable Juice.

Please Note that in order to ensure maximum freshness every product is manufactured to order.
For this reason they may be a delay of upto 48hours (Mon-Sat orders) or 72hours (Sunday orders) before delivery can commence.
We will, off course, try to keep this as short as possible.

PLEASE NOTE : Due to our manufacturing facility this product may contain traces of NUTS. 

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